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For the first time in HDD, protection is now available to all high-wear areas of drill collars — specifically the top perimeter of the pullback face. Our patent-pending laser cladding is applied robotically, offering consistently accurate placement. This precision approach ensures cladding is only added to the top edge, avoiding the bevel and interior to maintain coupling functionality. This added protection prevents premature erosion during pull back.

Additional cladding surrounds the outer perimeters of the bolt hole and collar itself. With a greater carbide density and distribution than hard face welding, Kondex laser cladding is the toughest wear protection available for collars.

  • PROTECTS ALL HIGH-WEAR AREAS: Only Drill Defender offers protection to the pullback face of the collar
  • WON’T INTERFERE WITH STARTER ROD USE: Our wear preventive is robotically applied, for pinpoint accuracy and precision
  • INCREASED HARDNESS & STRENGTH IN PROTECTED AREA: Get the added strength and impact resistance critical to drilling
  • OUTLASTS HARD FACING: With a higher density of carbides, laser cladding is less likely to chip and won’t wear as easily as alternatives

Patent No. 11,525,313

Kondex Drill Defender Collars
Part No. Description Models Length Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
C00-134 Octagon Quickfire 400 Collar,
Octagon Hawkeye 350 Collar
D16x20 – D40x40 6.13″ 2.625″ 3.5″