Drill Defender™ Starter Rod, Vermeer Quickfire Compatible

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Get protection for your starter rods where they’re most susceptible to breakage, without affecting collar functionality. Kondex patent-pending starter rods feature a precision applied laser cladding additive that vastly reduces wear to the weakest part of your drill string. As part of the Kondex HDD lineup, you’ll gain better control over your boring parts. Only Kondex Drill Defender™ starter rods offer:

  • Reinforcement at the weakest point of starter rods
  • Consistent coating thickness that won’t affect collar usage
  • Cladding contains high density of carbides
  • Superior hardness values in the protected area
  • Reinforcement that won’t dimensionally distort the base material

Patent No. 11,525,313

Kondex Drill Defender Low Profile Starter Rods Compatible with Vermeer Drills
Part No. Replacement For Description Models Thread Type Drill Rod Thread
C00-295 296331952 Drill Defender Quickfire Starter Rod 1.90″ FS #250 x QF400
  • D16x20
  • D16x20A
  • D16x20 Series II
  • D18x22
  • D20x22
  • D20x22 S3
Firestick #250
C00-296 296331926 Drill Defender Quickfire Starter Rod 2.06″
FS #400 x QF400
  • D18x22
  • D20x22
  • D20x22 Series II
  • D20x22 S3
  • D23x30 S3
Firestick #400
C00-297 296331924 Drill Defender Quickfire Starter Rod 2.375″
FS #600 x QF400
  • D23x30
  • D24x40
  • D24x40A
  • D24x40 Series II
  • D24x40 S3
  • D40x40
Firestick #600