Drill Defender™ Cobble Bit, Laser Clad & Carbide Defense

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Say goodbye to expensive cobble bits that need to be rebuilt after a few runs. Kondex Drill Defender™ cobble bits feature an improved design and our exclusive laser cladding wear protection to outperform and outlast alternative bits. What’s better, they’re priced to help lower your job costs.

User Feedback

Being in the HDD industry for over 14 years, I have been able to drill with a variety of different tooling in a wide range of soil conditions. Currently, we are running 14 rigs ranging in various sizes. In 2021, the majority of our rigs were drilling in very poor ground conditions, so I was on a mission to find a higher quality bit. Kondex sent us two cobble bits and we were able to test them in some of the poorest ground conditions. The Kondex bit performed exceptionally well in rock/cobble, and we were able to get more production and three times the life versus other comparable brands. In my opinion, the Kondex cobble bit is the best on the market.

Brent P., Canadian HDD Driller

[The bit’s] performance outmatches competitive bits. [It delivers] more aggressive steering [and] better longevity in tough rock conditions. [I was] surprised at how well it held up and its longevity in tough conditions. Looks like you’ve got yourself a superior product.

Nick, Wisconsin HDD Driller

This tip is awesome! Going through rock and I don’t even have to idle up. Just wiggle it and it goes right through! Even after using for some time, the Kondex bit is still better than a new bit of what we were normally running. Switching to the Kondex cobble bit from now on!

Cal J., Wisconsin HDD Driller

The Kondex bit we are running on our 24x40 drill has held up and outperformed the competition. From clay to solid rock, we have noticed longer life, better steering capabilities, and all around better performance in all categories with minimal wear. Ten times more footage per bit compared to competition.

Jake R., Wisconsin HDD Driller


More Torque, Easy Connection

Splined connection offers more secure connection, as well as greater torque and drive

Longer Life & More Feet

Our laser clad tungsten carbide protection and wider top edge extends product life and usage

Faster Boring

Gain 56% more scooped surface area to boost capacity for clearing dirt and cobble. Plus, our curved ejection edge improves flow rate

Greater Fluid Distribution

Get a cutting boost with ports that better direct fluid through the bore and improve drilling efficiency

Easy Pullback

Our 1″ bolt hole and even bit thickness support a standard clevis for easy pullback without extra tools

Added Strength

Our exclusive heat treatment increases the strength of the entire bit for greater durability and impact resistance

Kondex Drill Defender Laser Clad Cobble Bits with Carbide Defense
Part No. Models Rig Size Bore Size Spline Fluid Ports
C00-268 Vermeer*: D16x20 – D23x30
Ditch Witch: JT20 – JT24
16K–20K 4″ 2.125″ 2
C00-267 Vermeer*: D24x40 – D35x50
Ditch Witch: JT25 – JT4020
24K–40K 5″ 2.5″ 2
C00-263 24K–40K 5″ 2.5″ 3