Straw Claw® Chopper Blades

Extend the life and performance of your straw chopper blades by upgrading to Kondex Straw Claw chopper blades! Our patented self-serrating design delivers superior cut quality, along with optimal residue size and distribution. Say goodbye to frequent blade changes, thanks to Straw Claw’s improved durability and controlled wear pattern that keeps your rotor balanced longer and blades outlasting (and outperforming) the competition!

Patent No. 9,686,911

The Difference is Clear!

straw-claw-comparison-dryer-bean-straw.jpgWhen you compare Straw Claw (right panel) to traditional chopper blades, it's clear to see the residue from Straw Claw has a more consistent cut size. This leads to faster breakdown and easier planting. Beyond these impressive results, the blade edge maintained by our laser cladding additive extends the knife productivity throughout the life of the part.