Drill Defender™ Splined Sonde Housing, Ditch Witch & Vermeer Compatible

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Expected release date is Jan 30th 2023

Stop spending countless hours hard face welding your sonde housings! Our splined housings feature the most effective wear prevention on the market: Kondex's patent-pending laser cladding application. This protection is metallurgically bonded to the base material and features a high density of tungsten carbides to act as a shield against the most aggressive conditions! Our laser cladding is applied to the most susceptible wear areas of your sonde housing to better protect your investment! As part of the Kondex HDD lineup, you’ll gain better control over your drill string.

Kondex Drill Defender™ sonde housings:

  • Eliminate the need for hard face welding that weakens the part
  • Allow you to reallocate labor once dedicated to hard facing
  • Use a higher grade steel than the industry standard resulting in greater strength and better heat treatment results
  • Feature laser cladding that contains a high density of carbides
  • Maintain superior hardness values in the protected area
  • Offer protection that won’t dimensionally distort or weaken the base material 

Below part numbers include:

  • Sonde housing
  • Housing door
  • Two door pins
  • Two spring pins
  • One punch pin
  • Two bumpers
  • One o-ring

Patent Pending

Kondex Drill Defender Splined Sonde Housings
Part No. Replacement For Description Models Thread Electronics
F00-059 DW 906-1854 Drill Defender Splined Sonde Housing, 3″ OD x 2.125″ Spline
  • JT1220
  • JT1720M1
  • JT20
  • JT2020
  • D7x11
  • D9x13
  • D16x20
  • D18x20
  • D20x22
2.38 API R 15T or 17T
F00-042 DW 906-2654 Drill Defender Splined Sonde Housing, 3.5″ OD x 2.5″ Spline
  • JT25
  • JT30
  • JT3020
  • JT4020
  • D24x26
  • D24x33
  • D24x40
  • D33x44
  • D36x50
2.38 API R 15T or 17T