Stalk Claw Chopping Knives, Drago Compatible

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Kondex Stalk Claw Chopping Knives Compatible with Drago Models
Part No. Replacment For Pack Qty. Fits Drago Models


2 pcs Drago Legacy Corn Head
Drago Series I Corn Head
Drago Series II Corn Head

1AC0053BM1 - 240mm

2 pcs Drago GT Series (Single Chop) Corn Head

Start your corn harvest with the efficiency of Kondex Stalk Claw chopping knives. Our patented, self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade to control product wear and longer maintain performance. Stalk Claw offers less chipping and blade damage, while outlasting traditional high-wear knives.


  • Reduces horsepower needed to cut crop
  • Greater efficiency and fuel savings
  • Maintained cutting performance
  • Patented, stay-sharp design
  • Extended blade life
  • Reversible knife

Patent No. 9,686,911