Drill Defender™ Dirt Bit, Square Front, Vermeer Compatible

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Gain better and prolonged steering with Kondex Drill Defender™ dirt bits. These patent-pending bits are tougher than they look. They outperform alternatives, thanks to the greater concentration of tungsten carbides in our exclusive laser cladding wear protection.

Tougher than Hard Facing!

Kondex Drill Defender bits do not include welded hard facing. This old technology may appear more aggressive than our premium laser cladding additive, but looks are deceiving. Hard face welded carbides are few in quantity, not evenly distributed, and easily fall off. Our Drill Defender bits feature a more densely packed and evenly distributed tungsten carbide coating that’s metallurgically bonded to the base material. This better maintains the bit shape to deliver better steering and 2–4 times longer life! Only cutting-edge technology drives cutting-edge performance.

Kondex Drill Defender Dirt Bits for Sand, Clay, & Soft Soil Compatible with Vermeer Drills
Part No. Models Bolt Pattern Bolt Size Width Thickness Weight
C00-038 D16x20 – D40x55 S3 6-Hole 1/2″ 4″ 1″ 12 lbs.
C00-039 D16x20 – D40x55 S3 6-Hole 1/2″ 4.5″ 1″ 13 lbs.

Patent No. 11,525,313